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Article Submission policies: 

1.      Pictures will be submitted electronically in picture, or other format convertible to an Internet format.

a.      Any caption or description will be included and associated with picture.

b.      Pictures shall be of appropriate size and resolution.

c.      Intended website location should be spelled out.

2.      Documents will be submitted electronically in text or in a FrontPage, Word, Excel or Acrobat readable format.

a.      Description of intended use shall be attached to document.

b.      Documents submitted in picture format should be clean and clear and with appropriate resolution so they won’t appear blurry on the site.

c.      Text changes should be spelled correctly, with intended grammar and be associated with a description of intended use.

Suggestion Policies:

1.      Suggestions need to be clear of intent and filed in writing or email with the Membership Committee.

2.      The Membership Committee will consider feasibility of implementation before approval.

Electronic transmission by email:

1.      Pictures should be under 2 megabytes (and usually in a compressed format like JPEG).

2.      Documents should be under 8 megabytes and shouldn’t be zipped without prior approval.

Electronic submissions must be readable by Windows XP or Vista PC:

1.     Email

2.     Flash Drive

3.      3.5 inch Floppy

4.      CD-ROM (must be closed for transportability)

5.      DVD-ROM (must be closed for transportability)

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